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Soft Wearable Shoulder-Assistive Device

Shoulder device

 Property of Wyss Institute (

Property of Wyss Institute (


my role

I worked in the small team of 2 designers (including myself), bioengineer and occupational therapist on soft robotic pneumatic shoulder device which helps people with upper body impairments perform every day activities by providing them with sufficient range of motion. The challenge of this work was to create a balance between the strength of actuators, smoothies of performance and transparency of the wearable device for a maximum comfort as well as user satisfaction.

Starting this job I had a passion for improving every day life for people with impairments, but I did not know much about sewing and designing actuators. Thanks to the cross-disciplinary lab environment I was able to learn not only those hard skills but also how to work with people of different specialities.

Major part of the work was testing devices on users and collecting quantitative and qualitative data which was a base for improvements.

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