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Rehabilitation game concept


Video games with its quasi-addictive qualities can improve the adherence of the home physical therapy, as well as show the opportunities which are ahead instead of focusing on limitations. Using the available motion capture technology. The game detects the body - with its characteristics. The main menu is inspired by the game language as it is not only dedicated to people with an amputation - it can work for people who need to do physical therapy for different reasons or just want to exercise in fun way. Levels in the game are based on the levels of recovery- the whole process can vary between- 17 months to 26 months. Depending on the prescribed exercise plan from the couch/physician. Challenges in the game are inspired by peoples bucket lists. Things that we all would like to do in real life. The pose in detected by the motion capture technology and represented on the screen. When the pose is not proper the silhouette on the screen changes color. Missed exercises exceed the time for to complete the level and send the notification to the couch. At level 2 and 3 prostheses are being used- so a player can learn about them and choose between the most advanced solutions - like choosing the car in the racing game. Also by finishing level 2 players can join others and play in teams. Level 4 is about choosing Real Life challenge - that can be picked up with your friends. Level 4 can last to 12-18 month and is a perfect way to practice and rehearse for real life challenge.