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Prosthetic program for Vietnam

re-use of lower limb prostheses

Based on the ethnographical and qualitative research in Vietnam during summer and secondary research during wintersession, I worked on ethics of re-using lower limb prostheses from the USA in other countries. Based on that, I work on designing the following program. 

- providing people in Vietnam with better lower limb prostheses
- building a support system for people fitted with prostheses
- empowering the local community
- changing perception of disability in Vietnam


- the possibility of scaling the program to other countries starting from Cambodia and Laos for recipients and countries in Europe for donors
- locally manufacture prosthetic knees

- finding right people to work with in Vietnam (beware of the existing bribe culture)
- ways to build the mutually beneficial system for both recipients and donors

 Map of a ecosystem.

Map of a ecosystem.